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The birth of beauty
The history of Flormar goes back to the 1950s into the years. FlorMar, estahlished in 1972 has left 37 years of success behind and is constantly improving its standards in the Turkish cosmetics industry. With products ranging from nail enamel to lip gloss, eye shadow to foundation, FlorMar has unquestionably been the favourite cosmetics brand of Turkish women. In light of its success in Turkey, FlorMar has expanded its sales worldwide by starting export sales in 1998 and has since then become the favourite in over 60 countries such as Ukrain, Iran, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Yemen, Libya. Ghana and so on.

In 2004, items were added to the skin and rounded off a wide range of products of healthy beauty care.

Beauty meets quality..
FlorMar ‘s mission is to offer the best quality products .With a production capacity of over 7,000,000 pieces per month, products at FlorMar are produced in 15.000 sqm modern premises with the aid of latest technologies. The raw materials and packagings are imported from leading European companies.

FlorMar, with the mission of providing best quality cosmetics with the best prices, has
demolished “The cheap is bad” image quickly with its quality products made with the
best possible raw materials and packaging imported from leading European

Beauty meets innovation...
Now beauty invites you
Our vision Is to be a global trademark .FlorMar meets women through its sole distributors around the world. Hence, we seek tor longlasting business partners to make ForMar world brand.

Let s meet where aesthetics and quality meet.

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